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Here is the summary to answer some of the questions in the chat: local companies want to have an optimized Google Business Profile to help them get more leads and sales. What happens is that many of these companies have not claimed their Google Business Profile or have not optimized properly. So the base service you can offer is to help them claim and optimize it.

In terms of how to actually do that, you learn everything from Free Google training. Please keep in mind that even if the service might seem simple to you, there are companies who don’t have the skills to do it themselves or don’t want to spend time learning about it, but could genuinely benefit from it. They just want the result.
To Know Method How this works click on the button in order to watch the video.

After you provide the base service, you can guide them to their Google Business profile from in their social media accounts or any other legitimate source of traffic they may have or that you can get them. From there assuming they are happy with your work, you can provide any other services that you have skills for and are useful to them.


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The video is intended to be a challenge in which I try something I have not done before, but instead I can learn relatively quickly. The services to optimize their business Google news profile are an example, you are free to offer anything you want. I decided to share my experience of trying them. Also, please consider my approach, my call examples and my suggestions as ideas, part of a challenge I took on. These can be surely be improved to enable you to even make more money.

Also, you might not charge the same as me, you could charge less or more. You also, don’t need to call like I did, you can email instead. Irrespective of the channel you choose, the way you speak, present yourself and your services will make a major difference to whether the client trusts you and wants to work with you, even if you have years of experience or not. Also note that the point is to help, not spam people with calls. Like any other money making strategy, not all clients you call, may have the money to pay or the interest to work with you. That is part of the game.

The video presents the opportunity, finds the clients and describes the service to offer because these are some of the most of challenging parts. I did not go into how to actually update the profiles because that is well described in the Google training.

And yes, you would need to deliver the services which may take additional time, but as you get more experienced that time can reduce. Lastly, depending on how you charge, you might of course need to pay transaction fees. In my example, I have created a Fiver profile to charge. Also note that I find the clients by calling them, not from Fiveer.


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