How To Use PBN’s in a Safe Way (Rank No. 1 on Google)

If you’re searching on the internet for the best hosting solution for your PBN Networks, look there are many cheap pbn hosting services are available for your PBN’s. But the question is which is the best Hosting for your PBN’s because you don’t know which is the right PBN hosting solution, Here in this post, I am going to tell you about some PBN hosting below which is the best PBN hosting solutions that provide best Results and Services. Who are the big bloggers, which PBN hosting do they use to rank their website and their posts? The  Best PBN services are given Below:

1. PBN Hosting

pbn hosting

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2. PBN Pilot

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3. SeekaHost

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Our private blog network hosting services are designed to support your SEO needs and we understand the importance of managing your PBNs securely.

4. Easy Blog Networks

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We know that, you want to rank for your desired Keyword but the problem is to proper analysis and perfom with the right strategy that involves building multiple PBN Campaings.

Private blog networks have recently become a new phenomenon.

Why? simply WORKS WELL!

But how important is it to choose the right PBN hosting for your PBN campaign and move away from traditional SEO hosting?

In this article, I will explain the difference between traditional SEO hosting and how PBN hosting new generation personal blog network hosting that does not ensure a server-side footprint for your PBN.

…and why you should avoid the cheap shared hosting companies you routinely use for your campaign.

Before we start talking about the differences, let's understand

What is Private Blog Network (PBN Hosting)

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In simple Words, we can say

what is pbn hosting

I'm sure this will lead to your next question, "How can a server leave zero footprint while having the ability to control the whole PBN from a single panel?"

Let me explain.

Technology is advancing so fast that companies have started relying on other companies for other facilities...

..but they all communicate via APIs that let servers talk to each other over a secure network that Google or any search engine will never detect.

Even if they do (The probablity is 0.00000000000001%) they can never ban the IP address as the IPs are owned by all the big giants in the industry (Amazon, DigitalOcean, Linode, Azure, etc..) that are hosting if not millions then several hundred thousand of websites.

Why? Because banning that IP address could de-index several million websites.

Play Safe! And game!

And here's how the PBN Wiki defines the blog network

PBN Hosting

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO Hosting)

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what is seo hosting

Not long ago one of the most popular in the SEO and hosting industry (kinda still) SEO Hosting…

No, it doesn't mean that hosting companies are doing SEO..(I know it was a bad satire).

But… in fact, hosting companies play a major role in SEO hosting as it involves different IPs.

SEO Hosting Definition:

what is seo hosting

SEO hosting "USED" to work surprisingly well a few years ago when Google's Penguin algorithm wasn't very intelligent.

Traditionally hosting companies obtained servers from a few providers while leasing IPs for less than the same variety.


You are hosting everything in one to few locations with a provider and their provided custom name servers that your neighbor is hosting personal blogs.

Reasons for such huge footprints:

Google started cracking down on these private blog networks because it was much easier to find people who build blog networks on A-class IP, B-class IP and C-class IP.

pbn hosting class c IP address

How Class C IP looks like is shown in the image....

pbn hosting class B IP address

While this is a representation of what a Class B IP looks like, whether you are hosting your blog network on Class SEO hosting or multiple C Class IP hosting, you are exposing yourself because your neighboring blog networks will be .

P.S. PBN stands for Private Blog Network and not Public Blog Network.

Difference between SEO Hosting and PBN Hosting (Pros and Cons)

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pros and cons of seo and pbn hosting

PBN Hosting

SEO Hosting

SEO Hosting:


  • Let you control multiple sites from one panel
  • cost effective solution


  • Most IPs are with the same company address
  • low amount of diversification
  • If Shared SEO Hosting; All your neighbors will be owners of private blog networks (this can be diagnosed during a manual audit)
  • Most of the owners provide PBN link building services where PBNs are poorly constructed leaving you completely exposed as SEO hosting is cheap.
  • Custom nameservers (domains owned by the hosting company)

PBN Hosting:


  • IPs of the world's top ISPs, examples:
  • Amazon
  • DigitalOcean
  • Vultr
  • Linode
  • Blue
  • Many More
  • It is impossible to find the real seller of the hosting company.
  • Nameservers of top reputed companies (see ISP list above) that are being used by millions of legitimate websites.
  • Ability to have custom DNS provider NS.
  • No footprint at the server level (as long as you're using GoPBN).


  • Can be a bit expensive when compared to SEO Hosting
  • Some companies may restrict you with only one CMS (GOPBN offers several CMS options to choose from).

As you can see; you can hide freely.. 

The need for PBN Hosting

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Google is getting stronger with its algorithm..

While most SEOers are still spending hours trying to figure out the best possible way to rank, they have realized.

PBN has always been dominant, but a major problem over the years has been hosting.

As Google's algorithm got smarter, it started detecting most PBNs automatically because people were leaving multiple footprints on their website as well as choosing the wrong hosting pattern.

Yes! When I say pattern I mean..

Here is how I define pattern after recently analysing over 1000 of PBNs for several companies..

  • Many of them were hosting their PBNs on the same IP address
  • A lot of them were only using Class C IPs.
  • Many of them were using class A IP diversification while the server location remained the same.
  • The website was poorly built with spun content.
pbn hosting class a ip

PBN as an art and you need to master it.

You can't make a bad looking website. it PBN..deindex it and then cry about PBN not working..

Build a real site with real content providing valuable content to the user and Google will fall in love with your PBN.

PBN Hosting is the next generation Hosting for PBNs

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I'm sure you'll agree by now:

..that PBN hosting is the next generation hosting, providing users with a great opportunity to re-think the way hosting for personal blog networks works.

  • Diversity
  • Multiple CMS
  • multiple locations
  • Real looking websites with real content
  • multiple ips
  • Top Public DNS and Private DNS mixed with average.
  • Keep your PBN updated with the latest content

The above points are the perfect recipe for building multiple successful personal blog networks.

Avoid using those creepy crappy $1 cheap shared hosting

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If you also fall in this category then let me tell you.. are putting your entire personal blog network at risk because hundreds of other people just like you are hosting their PBN on those cheap shared hosting..

As an entrepreneur who started Power Up Hosting, Inc. into a business worth millions today, I think I'm in a position to say:

Cheap Investment is always a bad investment

There's a reason something is cheaper in price

Quality is highly compromised..

Invest wisely, even if it is a bit pricey, the results and ROI you get will be far better.

Avoiding the PBN Penalization

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I know if this ever happens how will you start cursing Google..


SEO is all about playing a game of cat and mouse with Google, adopting the changes, and then working on it.


When you're trying hard to play the game, make sure you follow certain rules and regulations because if you don't get caught and if caught, Google will fine you or your PBN will be deindexed.


I am repeating this several times throughout the post, make your PBN a real looking website, don't give Google any reason to index you.

Pro Tip: A highly optimized personal blog network can give you 10x better results than a 10x better built PBN.

So, instead of 10 and 100 of PBNs, if you initially focus on creating 2-3 PBNs that become an authority, you will benefit your money site as well as the PBN.

In simple words, make your PBN your money too (Authority)

Local SEO using PBNs

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This is my favourite.


Because it always works!

Once I was working with a client who wanted to rank for a keyword restaurant niche, and had specific requirements.

The competition was tough but..

PBN did the trick.

Local based PBN.

The client was based in Los Angeles (sorry, but I can't disclose more due to NDA agreement).

Since the client is based in Los Angeles, I created about 5 PBNs highly authorized, each with about 30 blog posts, including quality articles, videos, and images in the food category.

And more importantly..

I hosted my PBN in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

This gave me a huge boost with ranking, and I am still ranking for my desired keywords and other related keywords.


Most important part? Each of those PBNs was generating over twenty thousand (20,000) unique visitors a month.

I suggested to them that if they go to restaurants we start capturing leads where we can send them emails, newsletters and coupon codes and that further boosted their business.

It was a fun project..


Every month, I add about 3-5 more detailed blog posts and on some occasions make YT videos as well.

One more tip:

This is for Local SEO:

Host your money site in the same city you are targeting, unlike servers located in other regions or overseas it has more SEO benefits.

Shared IPs for PBNs

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A very high percentage of website owners are on shared hosting networks.

Shared IPs for PBNs

Coming up with a number is hard, but here's a quick example:

Hostgator which is one of the top hosting providers has got around 763 domains on one of their nameservers.

Most of the websites hosted on the above nameservers are all hosting legitimate websites. it is better to hide behind them than to host on a completely unknown server where only you are hosting.

You can mix some of your PBN with some of the lesser known hosting companies or dedicated IP SEO.

How do I proceed with Private Blog Network in SEO?

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To go, you would do the following:

  • Decide the number of PBN you want
  • Decide on a list of host providers
  • Decide on the domain (make sure it has good domain statistics)
  • Work on your content writing strategy for your PBN
  • Create a Small SEO Campaign for Your PBNs


Safety and precaution that

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Be careful!

Yes! This is my first advice if you think you can beat Google let me tell you..

Google will almost overtake you..

Play the game, but play safe because you don't want to deindex.

Keep the quality of your PBN very high..

Build real sites and it will give you amazing results even with just five PBNs.

Make sure you are not leaving any footprint server-side or on websites.

How Easy Blog Networks is looking to take PBN Hosting to the next level

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How Can Easy Blog Networks Help?

EBN can help you build a next generation personal blog network where every possible footprint on the server-side has been carefully analyzed and thoroughly taken care of.

Final Conclusion

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Search engine optimization is getting involved faster than we think and Google is changing algorithms like nothing tomorrow.


Links have been the biggest factor that helps Google determine the position of results, which will never change.

Are you still using cheap SEO hosting? If yes, then what is stopping you from using advanced PBN hosting for SEO campaigns.

aka PBN 101..

Leave your thoughts in the comments below and let me know what you think.

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